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Inspiring Heights and Treading on New Paths

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  • To provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment filled with unlimited opportunities where children will recognise and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best contribution to society.
  • To prepare children for the real examination called life without compromising on academic achievement.


  • “Every child has the right to learn and to explore their world in an atmosphere that understands them and helps them realize their true potential.”


  • In the next 3 years, the school in partnership with the parent community, will facilitate all-round development in young minds – including intellectual, moral, spiritual, social, emotional and physical development.


Inspiring Heights and Treading on New Paths

  • Curriculum Overview
  • KG
  • Primary & Secondary
  • Teaching & Assessment
  • Interactive Involvement

We provide a balanced educational programme within a safe and stimulating environment, so that each child embarks on a physical, intellectual and social journey of curiosity and reasoning. Anan thus offers a comprehensive and a balanced curriculum which is designed to make learning enjoyable, activity-based and experimental, preparing every student for higher challenges.

Nurturing Multiple IntelligenceWe have a well-balanced curriculum model & activities to nurture linguistic, logical & mathematical, naturalistic, spiritual, bodily – Kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal & intrapersonal intelligence.



We have shaped our curriculum in such a way that it acknowledges the existence of multiple types of intelligences and its diverse expression in each student; and the curriculum is designed to address all the versatile forms intelligence takes. Visual, auditory, logical-mathematical, kinesthetic and naturalist elements are incorporated into a well-rounded curriculum.

Anan adopts and adapts the philosophy of CBSE. Children learn to solve problems through teamwork. They learn the skills of learning for continuous improvement.

The senior secondary CBSE curriculum at Anan integrates all learning areas with each other in terms of knowledge, life skills, comprehension, values and attitudes. Education at Anan helps the learners to connect the content of their learning areas and subjects with their own lives and the world around them.

Our aim is to take our students to excellent colleges and universities in India and abroad, in preparation for successful and dynamic careers by providing a well rounded curriculum incorporating visual, auditory, logical-mathematical, kinesthetic and naturalist elements.

Beyond the Classroom

Inspiring Heights and Treading on New Paths

A variety of extra-curricular activities including visual and performing arts, music, yoga, karate, instrumental music, physical education and inter-school competitions are a part of the school's syllabus to complement learning beyond classrooms.

  • Field Visits
  • Club Activities
  • Sports
  • Art & Craft
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Celebrations
  • Anan Expo
  • Anan Fest

Field visits

We feel that Field trips are important because it gives students a chance to learn hands on. Also, travelling will give them a chance to see different places and learn new things up close and personal. Field trips bring classroom study alive for students and help them remember and relate to what they have learned as a part of their theme or curriculum. Hands-on activities are done before, during and after their visit to link their visit experience to their classroom curriculum through worksheets. At Anan, we find connections with the site related to the theme or the curriculum. We also create a worksheet that prompts students to draw, write responses, and answer questions related to the visit. After the visit, we allow the students to synthesize their experience creatively or they might present their experience orally.

Club Activities

At Anan, various club activities have been planned in such a way that will expand the child’s horizons. These activities which are considered as the need of the hour exposing them to all possible fields teaching the students real-world skills equipping themselves to all situations in their future life. They also can lead to lifelong interests, even future careers. It will also increase their interpersonal skills, which in turn builds a healthy confidence. The curriculum of each club activity is well defined and planned in advance, is age appropriate and taught to the students with the help of experts in each field.

The various club activities offered at Anan are:

  • Automobile
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Carpentry
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Public Speaking
  • Astronomy
  • Culinary
  • First Aid
  • Plumbing
  • Fashion Designing
Electrical Maintenance
Public Speaking
First Aid
Fashion Designing
Optional Club Activities :

The following optional activities are provided to the children from Grade 1 at a nominal fee.

Horse Riding


We believe that playing sport is not just about physical activity but is essential to the holistic development of an individual. Anan has created an integrated sports curriculum that is suited to the physiological development profiles of children and is aimed at creating physical fitness and increasing confidence. The objective of the integrated sports curriculum is to help build school’s core values of commitment, good sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, resilience, and healthy competition. We feel that it is important to monitor fitness and encourage activity from an early age. Our excellent trained squad of physical education teachers has a structured analysis conducted for each and every student which helps in identifying their individual strength and focusing on the suitable game.

Indoor games :
Table Tennis
Table Tennis
Outdoor games :

Art & Craft

At Anan, the Art & craft curriculum gives an opportunity to express the student’s innate senses. The Art & Craft classes provide every student an opportunity to explore his artistic side in various techniques and forms.

  • Painting
  • Origami
  • Quilling
  • Wood Craft
  • Stone Craft
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Sculptures
  • Paper Craft
  • Wealth out of Waste
  • Glass Painting
  • Pottery

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular programs are defined as those activities that enhance and enrich the regular curriculum during the normal school day. Co-curricular programs are defined as those activities that broaden the educational experience which usually take place beyond the normal school day. These activities at Anan are a part of the curriculum and mandatory for all the students.

Continuing with the traditions followed in the Kinder Garten for the primary and secondary students, we also have many other activities added to their co curricular activity curriculum


Celebrations are another mode of learning and are an important custom at ANAN. Celebrating various religious festivals and important days gives students the opportunities to view and understand more about cultures different from their own. Students develop respect and open-mindedness for other cultures through these celebrations. Colour days are also given importance. Each class holds a celebration incorporating drama, art, storytelling etc. Celebrations give students an opportunity to engage with their peer group as learners, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment. The children host events, conduct choirs and contribute in various other modes.

Anan Expo

We at Anan strongly believe that the expos will help children to learn from each other’s experiences and motivate them to develop something new and novel. It also stimulates interest in them towards their learning, inculcating spirit in younger generations, exploring and encouraging talent among children, inculcating in them a sense of pride in their talent, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving approach. Anan will never miss a chance in creating such a platform for its students. Anan hosts various expos at the school campus.

  • Science Expo
  • Math Expo
  • Social Science Expo
  • Art Expo
  • Anan Expo

Anan Fest

We at Anan believe in all round development of our children. The Anan Fest, helps the students to overcome their inhibitions and encourage confidence and stage presence. Several literary, cultural and art activities are scheduled and incorporated into their curriculum in the form of competitions throughout the year.



Inspiring Heights and Treading on New Paths

Set on a beautiful campus, we offer the advantages of a seamless education from Kindergarten to Secondary levels. Operating on a well maintained campus enables us to provide continuity in learning and meet the needs of the students at their different developmental stages. This is vital to their success as learners and their growth as competent, confident and connected individuals.

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Transport
  • Food court


Our indoor areas have been specifically crafted to provide a relaxed, yet stimulating atmosphere and the freedom from claustrophobic classrooms. At Anan, there are no classrooms. Every space for learning is a lab. We have Four Core Subject labs and Four Skill Labs.




Primary & Secondary

Organic Garden:

Organic GardenSchool gardens are an excellent tool for experiential learning and nutrition education. We train students to establish gardens and also to integrate gardening into the curriculum. We emphasize how to sustain a garden program by involving students in organic gardening. Students also take back home what they grow.

Science Park:

Science ParkThe dream to make learning fun, easy and simple for children to comprehend has come true at the Anan campus as the ‘Science Park’. The painstaking effort to give an educative Science Park to the students has manifested as a unique park in the school campus. It serves as a fabulous learning centre for students. Concepts of centrifugal force, reflection of sound, structure of DNA, angular velocity are displayed through life size models. The periscope, projectile are an added attraction of the park. These life size models give students an opportunity to ‘Learn by Doing’ thus aiding to better understanding of underlying principles.


The School also offers Sports infrastructure for the physical development of each child and is provided for a variety of sporting disciplines.

A track with 8 lanesRunning
Synthetic Tennis CourtSynthetic Tennis
Cricket Pitch and Practice NetsCricket
Volleyball CourtVolleyball
Throwball CourtThrow ball
Basketball CourtBasketball


Anan manages a fleet of high quality air conditioned buses that ply from different parts of the city. Every bus has a ‘care taker’ as well as detailed contact information of the parents of students travelling on that route. Our bus routes are also planned in such a way that the student picked up first has a travel time of only 1 hour maximum. Also, learning at Anan starts right from the time students enter their buses where educational videos related to various topics are played.

Food court

Snacks:Anan provides snack for all its students during the break time which is prepared at the In-house pantry which is hygienic and well maintained by experts of the same field. Snacks are provided for the students with their health and well being in mind. The snack chart has been created in consultation with nutritionists and dieticians having in mind the likes and dislikes of kids and also well balanced with a combination of veggies, fruits, nuts and cereals.

Uniqueness of Anan

Team Anan

  • Team Anan is a group of qualified and trained facilitators headed by the Principal, followed by separate coordinators for each division (KG, Primary & Secondary) and in turn by individual department heads.
  • Facilitators are recruited through a methodical approach after scrutinizing the applications for the right candidate and also a personal interview. The selected eligible candidate will undergo a training period of six months to understand the unique teaching and assessment methodology at Anan before handling classes.

Stress – Free Environment

  • We extend an academic ambience where the rights and needs of the children are respected, while helping them realise their true potential. We have a trained team to help children shine in every learning space with endless opportunities for exploration, experimentation and excellence.


  • The optimum student-teacher ratio is maintained from KG till the lower grades to focus more on the needs and the individual strengths of the students.
  • Our unique curriculum and teaching methodology is designed to address all forms of intelligence takes as it fosters in the students the attitude of no learning without understanding the concept.
  • IEP:
    Underpinning our curriculum is a strong program of academic support, as well as our program of academic enrichment called the Individual Educational Programme (IEP).We provide an experienced Learning Enhancement staff to help students with their individual learning needs, whether it is for extra support or extension. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure every student has a solid educational background as well as the social, personal and interpersonal skills to confidently enter the outside world.


  • Our teaching methodology is designed to address all types of learners – Visual, auditory, Logical-mathematical and kinesthetic. The “plan-do-review sequence” in our teaching methodology helps in encourages children who learn at different levels to benefit from every session of learning without boredom or feeling overwhelmed.
  • At Anan, the drive to continuously innovate and come up with new techniques to deliver learning materials and simultaneously reduce the stress of students to improve student learning outcomes have been a top priority since its inception. Research paper in one such innovative method followed from Grade 1 to make children know more about a particular topic.

Co-curricular activities:

  • Regular pursuit of Co-curricular activities besides developing aesthetics and sharpening sensibilities entertains and provides welcome change from the classroom. The curriculum for the co curricular activities are well defined and is mandatory for all the students to enhance them in their all round development.
  • Periodical exhibitions, talent shows and competitions are conducted to instill the spirit of participation and competition in Children.


  • A unique integrated curriculum with a combination of athletics, outdoor and adventure activities, games and gymnastics is framed and is also balanced with academics.


  • Breaking the monotonic nature of classrooms, Anan has an excellent infrastructure-imposing school building with spacious, airy and well furnished classrooms, laboratories and sprawling lawns.
  • Each class room has a green deck and a reading corner inclusive of audio-visual theaters with multimedia Projection Systems.


  • Every parent will be provided with an exclusive login ID and password to visit the school’s interactive web page and get to know and receive updates from the school about daily activities in kindergarten classes including a photograph taken during the class.
  • The primary and secondary usually has a weekly update of all the activities happened during the classes along with the photographs taken during the sessions.
  • Celebrations, events, field visits, school fixtures, circulars and also attendance of individual student will be updated.
  • The school magazine ‘Anan Voice’ brought out at the end of every three months acts as a link between the school and parents. Every issue highlights the various activities at school.
  • Our team in all the levels of hierarchy can be easily approached by sending feedbacks through our interactive webpage and to our school email address for immediate solutions.


  • A unique integrated curriculum with a combination of athletics, outdoor and adventure activities, games and gymnastics is framed and is also balanced with academicsRegular parent interaction meetings are held as we believe that true progress in the child’s development is made possible through healthy two-way communication between the academic team and the parents.

Safety & Hygiene:

  • CCTV monitored campus for better security and administration.
    Dedicated individual care taker for every class from Pre KG to lower grades.
  • We provide ‘Pick-up ID cards’ to the parent or the guardian who picks up the child every day from the school or from the school transport to ensure their safety.
  • Anan has a medicare facility which also has an In-house nurse for first aid and to take care of the students on an emergency. There are regular health, dental and eye checkups by a qualified paediatrician to ensure that they are in good physical health according to their specific age groups. The school has a tie up with a nearby local hospital.
  • Hygienically maintained separate toilets for both girls and boys.

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Inspiring Heights and Treading on New Paths


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Inspiring Heights and Treading on New Paths

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Anan is located at Sitra Road, Kalapatti, Coimbatore. Set amidst tranquil surroundings, it is just 2 kms away from the airport and 12 kms from the railway station. A fleet of safe and comfortable transport facility connecting major city locations is available.

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