Senior Secondary


Subjects offered

Science Stream Management Stream

1.     English

2.     Physics

3.     Chemistry

4.     Mathematics / Informatics Practices

5.     Biology / Computer Science

1.     English

2.     Economics

3.     Accountancy

4.     Mathematics / Informatics Practices

5.     Business Studies

    • Our textbooks conform to the National Curriculum Framework and NCERT guidelines.
    • Our team comprises of prominent academicians, teachers and scholars who are passionately involved in conceptualizing the curricula and imparting the same through interactive methodology.
    • Periodical and Internal Assessments are done as per the CBSE guidelines.
    • The testing methodology is always challenging, exciting and intellectually stimulating.
    • Competitive exams like Olympiad is conducted, which aims to provide exposure and aptitude among students.
  • Positive recognition is a great incentive and motivation for the students to continue working hard.


    • To encourage learning and logical thinking.
    • To challenge their cognitive skills.
    • To stimulate creativity, innovation, and reasoning among students.
    • To promote hard work and diligence.
    • To boost the morale of the students.
  • To foster the holistic development of students.