Open Air Theatre:

Open air Theatre
A unique concept of open air theatre designed at Anan enables the students to present themselves in front of the crowd with aplomb and helps them in overcoming stage fear and shyness.

Birds Park:

Birds Park
As a part of recreation for the students, we have a bird park at Anan

Swimming Pool:

Swimming pool
The kindergarten section has a small swimming pool


The school has an exclusive boating area for the kindergarten students to teach and assess balancing skills.

Aroma Garden:

Aroma Garden
Anan also has an Aroma Garden filled with plants, herbs and bushes where the students are assessed on their sensory skills.

Traffic Park:

Traffic Park
Traffic Signals area is a mini road set up for kids with traffic lights. It is a safe place for kids to practice riding their bicycles and learn about road rules.

Rain Shower Area:

Rain Shower Area
The rain shower area is the place where children enjoy before and after their swimming. At Anan, water play is given importance as it gives sensory stimulation.

Sand Pit:

Sand pit
Sandpit area is a part of the KG outdoor infrastructure which encourages imagination and creativity in children.

Primary & Secondary

Organic Garden:

Organic GardenSchool gardens are an excellent tool for experiential learning and nutrition education. We train students to establish gardens and also to integrate gardening into the curriculum. We emphasize how to sustain a garden program by involving students in organic gardening. Students also take back home what they grow.

Science Park:

Science ParkThe dream to make learning fun, easy and simple for children to comprehend has come true at the Anan campus as the ‘Science Park’. The painstaking effort to give an educative Science Park to the students has manifested as a unique park in the school campus. It serves as a fabulous learning centre for students. Concepts of centrifugal force, reflection of sound, structure of DNA, angular velocity are displayed through life size models. The periscope, projectile are an added attraction of the park. These life size models give students an opportunity to ‘Learn by Doing’ thus aiding to better understanding of underlying principles.


The School also offers Sports infrastructure for the physical development of each child and is provided for a variety of sporting disciplines.

A track with 8 lanesRunning
Synthetic Tennis CourtSynthetic Tennis
Cricket Pitch & Practice NetsCricket
Volleyball CourtVolleyball
Throwball CourtThrow ball
Basketball CourtBasketball