Frequently Asked Questions by the parents:

Where is the school located?

Our school spreads across 6 acres at Sitra road, Kalapatti. It is 2 km from the airport and 12 km from the railway station with unmatched facilities in a serene environment.


When will the school open?

On the first week of June.


What grades does the school offer?

The school offers grades from Pre-KG to 8 and will grow to a higher secondary level in the near future.


What is the schedule at Anan?

Pre.Kg                 -  9.30 am - 12.40 pm.
L.K.G & U.K.G     -  9.30 am - 3.40 pm.
Grade 1 to 8        - 9.30 am - 3.40 pm.


What curriculum do you follow?

Anan follows CBSE curriculum.


Is your school affiliated to CBSE?

Yes. Our school is affiliated to CBSE and the affiliation number is 1930315


Do they have regular exam schedule like other schools?

No, they have 4 formative assessments and 2 summative assessments in a year apart from periodical assessments on every aspect of training.


In what ways will the school inform about the student’s performance?

The weekly assessments done will be available for the parents in our website which can be viewed with the help of user name and password. One-to-one meeting with the parents will be conducted on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month to discuss the areas of improvement. A regular parent teacher’s meeting will be conducted to discuss the matters regarding the school.


When will the term assessments be done?

The First Summative assessment will be done in the month of September and the Second in the month of April.


Do you have trained faculties for all these activities?

Yes, we do have well trained faculties. Our faculties are hand picked based on their individual skills. Though they are well experienced they undergo extensive training for 3 months. This helps them to implement the curriculum to the children in every class. Apart form this we also have experts from different fields like dance, music, drama, gym, martial arts, chess, band and athletics’ to coach the children.


What is Leap Frog training program?

Research in the U.S showed that the students who use leapfrog school program performed 100% more in fluency, prediction and rhyming. So we at Anan decided to use this Kit to help our students to excel in interaction and theme based learning, language skills, phonetics, and vocabulary. This Kit also incorporates academic skills, music skills, visual arts, and social/emotional development.


What kind of outdoor activities do you provide?

At Anan every space is for the development of the children. To develop the physical and motor skills of the students we have the Tennis court, Basket ball court, Volley ball court, Jungle gym, Mountaineering, Sand pit and obstacle play area. Bird Park, rainwater spring, boating and aroma garden will enhance the child’s knowledge on nature. In the Open Air Theater the children learn to improve their oratorical, and public speaking skills.


Do you offer any other activities?

Yes, we do offer professional Golf training, Horse-riding, Swimming, Music, Athletics, Photograpy, Videography , Astronomy, Culinary, Robotic , Aeronautic, Fashion Designing, Electrical Maintenance, Sculptures, Carpentry, Automobiles, Plumbing and Public speaking.


Do you provide First aid in School?

Yes we have a double-bedded Medicare room and trained nurses to give immediate care to the children.


Do you have transport facilities?

Yes we do offer transport facilities. The details can be collected from the school office.


What is the schedule for the payment of fees?

It is a term wise payment
Term 1 – During Admission
Term 2 – in the month of September
Term 3 – in the month of January.


Do you over load the children with heavy homework?

No, Anan provides a stress-free environment. Most of the assignments would be completed in the school.


What will be the parent’s role in the school?

School management expects a complete cooperation from the parents for their parental participation in the teaching -learning process, which leads to best results for children. Their suggestions will definitely help us to build Anan Kids Academy as one of the best in the field of education.

Stress - Free Environment
Stress - Free Environment
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